Please read below carefully the terms and conditions for our property management guarantees. Just remember the conditions should be taken off the guarantees page and placed at the bottom next to the privacy  page.

1: Guaranteed rental income – We pay your rent!!!


  • We must initially put the tenant in your property.
  • You must have landlord insurance with one of our preferred insurance companies.
  • You must follow our advise at all times.
  • At the end of the tenancy you agree to allowing our agency to process a insurance claim.

2: Get the first repair free!!


  • The repair will only be paid by Assured Rent Real Estate if the repair is under $300
  • The repair must be conducted by one of our licensed and qualified tradesman.
  • The repair must initially be reported by the tenants living in the property
  • You only receive this offer once.

3: Would you like to be free from management fees for the next 2 months?


No conditions all first time clients receive the first 2 months free.

4: We will lease your property within 10 days and if we don’t you won’t have to pay our letting fee!

  • You must take our advice at all times about promotion, price and presentation.
  • You do not receive the guarantee unless we take professional photos of your property, we must be able to take inside and outside photos.
  • If you decline our recommendations the 10-day guarantee will be void and then you can price the property at your own discretion.
  •  If we share a application with you that our agency recommends and you decline the application the 10 day guarantee is immediately void.
  • The 10 days are 10 business days and the days were our business is operating.
  • The 10 days begins when your property is vacant and available to show Monday to Saturday.

5: Refer a friend

No conditions, if your a current client of ours and refer a friend to us, you and your friend will receive 2 months free.